Innovative moisturizer for tissue

In Japan, 40-50% of people suffer from hay fever caused by cedar. Many people blow their noses more often, which leads to a red nose.
"Softina" has softened the tissue and relieved it from pain. It provides the ultimate in softness.

Softina GS-8

SoftinaGS-8 are lotion compositions for making soft and absorbent facial tissue paper products.
SoftinaGS-8 is a lotion composition which consists mainly of Glycerol.
SoftinaGS-8 provide good touch feeling such as moist feeling, smoothness and flexibility to a facial tissue paper even under a low-humidity condition. SoftinaGS-8 absorb moisture from the atmosphere and retain it well, so the treated paper is provided richer moist feeling.

Feature 1:Good touch

Each texture is optimally adjusted.

Feature 2 : Ease of handling

Method of applying lotion tissue treating agent

Flexographic coating
A kind of the relief coating. Agent is transcribed with the roller which attached resin coating plate.

Gravure coating
A kind of the intaglio coating. Agent is transcribed with the cylinder which attached metal coating plate.

Rotor dampening
Sprays the agent as a mist generated by fast-rotating disks.

Uses compressed air to spray the agent as a mist from a nozzle.

Feature 3 : Safety test data


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