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◆EPOFLOC(Heavy metal scavenger)
◆Marubeni Chemix solution

◆EPOFLOC(Heavy metal scavenger)

Do you have any problems with heavy metal wastewater treatment?

“EPOFLOC” solves all heavy metal problems.

EPOFLOC is a liquid type chelating agent.
It has extremely high reactivity as it directly chelate bond with heavy metal ions in
wastewater and forms large floc which creates immediate precipitate.
Wide range of heavy metals can be treated efficiently with low dosage.


Efficient with low dosage

As EPOFLOC directly reacts with heavy metal ions and creates strong chelate bond, it can flocculate
and precipitate heavy metal ions even with low
EPOFLOC reacts well with heavy metal ions even if
the wastewater is high concentrated complex
wastewater, which saves the dosage to be used.


Wide variety of heavy metals can be treated

EPOFLOC reacts with variety of heavy metals such
as Chromium (Cr), Manganese(Mn), Iron (Fe),
Cobalt (Co), Nichel (Ni), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn),
Arsenic (As), Selenium (Se), Silver (Ag),
Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb) and etc.

Significant sludge reduction

Compared to the conventional chemicals,
EPOFLOC can reduce the amount of both agents
and additives to be used which results in significant sludge reduction.

You can see a video of the wastewater treatment flow using ”EPOFLOC” on a beaker scale and the difference from the conventional method.

Easy installation method

No need for large scale investment to install
EPOFLOC. All you need is tank and pump to
install and no need for adjustment of your facilities.

Case study

High concentrated wastewater treatment

Semiconductor plant

Copper concentration reduced from 3090mg/L to 0.9mg/L after treatment.
Even the wastewater was high concentrated complex wastewater.

Complex wastewater heavy metal treatment

Galvanization processing plant

EPOFLOC succeed to treat wastewater containing complex heavy metals at one time. In addition, EPOFLOC reduced the amount of agents to be used 90% compared to the conventional agents.

●Significant sludge reduction

Machinery manufacturer

Comparing to conventional chemicals, the amount of agents used reduce by 30%, Ferric chloride reduced by 75%, and sludge reduced by 25%.
Succeed to achieve total cost reduction.

These are just examples. Please contact us for more information.

◆Marubeni Chemix solution

One-stop shop service for water treatment chemicals

As the wastewater regulations by governments are becoming more strict year by year globally, the demand for water treatment is increasing rapidly.
Marubeni Chemix, serving as a core business entity of trading company “Marubeni” group in chemical fields, can offer various water treatment chemicals.

“Marubeni” has offices and liaison offices all over the world. Taking this advantages, we can offer various product lineup for water treatment chemicals.
We do have starting to our business development all over the world for water treatment business.

With above our promotion, you can easily contact with the professionals for the professional advises on water treatment by using our global network.

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